Lori M. Lowery, President and Owner, D & L Design Group, Inc

My interest in design began early in my life. As a young child I could often be found in a corner coloring or drawing. Later, in high school, I took drafting classes because I had already taken all the art classes my high school had to offer.  In drafting class is where I developed my love of the more technical side of creativity. I started college as a fine arts major, but quickly discovered that I preferred drafting which led me to a career in architecture. I further refined that interest to residential architecture specifically, because I found that I truly loved helping people figure out how to create the space they want to live in and how to do that within a budget they can afford.

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Right after college I worked for a production builder in Raleigh, working with home buyers to revise existing plans offered by the builder and developing new builder plans. Later, I furthered my career by working for a prominent residential design firm in Raleigh. In 1995 I started my own design firm, D & L Design Group, Inc. Since that time it has been my priviledge to provide home design services for hundreds of builders and home buyers all over the state of North Carolina and beyond.

I have been in the Clayton area since 1990, where along with my husband David we raised two sons.


We currently share our home with our two beloved rescue dogs. Sadly we lost our beloved Daisy in January of 2018.  Molly was so despondent we knew we had to get another dog for our dog.  Her name is Ayla and she has been a crazy and wonderful addition to our family.

2015-11-15 07.30.01

Daisy (husky/lab mix) (2003-2018)

Molly (border collie/lab mix) (and Garrett!)

Ayla (Boxer/Ridgeback mix – we think!)